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Paranormal XL podcast

Feb 23, 2020

G.G. and Mama Mary cover the history and said curse of the Hope Diamond.  Interesting history of this gorgeous diamond.  Take a listen and find out who has had their hands on the Big Blue Diamond. 

Feb 16, 2020

G.G. and Mama Mary get into the thoughts behind Armageddon and go over some past predications and future predictions.  Of course some side conversation for your entertainment. Also the gals get into some prepping ideas. 

Feb 9, 2020

In this episode G.G. has a special co-host Jodi from "All I AM"  custom boards and from the PXL Crew.  The gals get into what crystal grids are and what crystals are good to use and for what.  You can see pictures of the personalized boards on the Paranormal XL facebook page.